• Signposting and appointment service

    Tel: 0330 063300
    Monday to Friday
    6pm - 10.30pm

    Brief details of your problem will be taken and a non-clinical dental co-ordinator will ring back to advise you on the options available.
    People who do not have a dentist and qualify for treatment will be booked into a next-day appointment at a dental access centre whenever possible.

    Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays
    8am – 10.30pm

    Brief details of your problem will be taken and a non-clinical dental co-ordinator will ring you back. They will ask some questions to determine what your dental problem is.
    You may be given an appointment at an out-of-hours dental access centre (subject to availability) if you have either:

    • Acute dental pain
    • Acute infection
    • Bleeding or trauma
    Appointments are available:  
    Saturdays Sundays and bank holidays
    10am -1pm 9am - midday
    2pm - 5pm 1pm - 4pm

    Click here for information about attending a dental access centre.
    If you contact us after 10.30pm your details will be taken and you will be contacted at 8am the following morning.

    All telephone calls to and from our organisation are recorded for your protection and monitoring purposes. They may be used for training and audit purposes to maintain our quality and high standards. Patient confidentiality is important, however, in certain circumstances, in order to ensure that your care needs are met, it may be necessary to share your details with other health and social care professionals.

    Dental insurance plans

    Patients covered by dental insurance plans are advised to call the emergency number provided by their dental insurance company. This will not exclude them from accessing NHS services.

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    Devon Doctors Ltd and its subsidiaries Access Health and Access Dental are social enterprises. We exist to benefit the communities we serve. We’re run by healthcare professionals, owned by GP practices, and don’t have any stakeholders. Any profits we might make are used to improve our services.

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