• Staff surveys are music to the ears of Devon Doctors' chief executive

    Devon Doctors conducts annual surveys of its staff and the GPs it employs on a sessional basis.

    And the results of the most recent surveys have, in the main, been music to the ears of chief executive Chris Wright.

    “I’m delighted that by far the overwhelming majority of our staff and sessional GPs enjoy working for Devon Doctors and are firmly of the opinion that the standard of care we deliver is good if not excellent,” said Chris.

    “At the same time, we are always striving to be better and I am indebted to those who took the time to complete the survey for highlighting a number of areas in which we should be looking to up our game.”

    The most recent staff survey was completed by 71.9 per cent of employees [274/381], representing a significant increase on the 35.6 per cent response rate in 2012. Moreover, 58.3% of respondents answered all questions.

    Happily, more than 90 per cent of respondents thought that: patient information is treated confidentially by staff in Devon Doctors [96.2%]; care of patients / service users is Devon Doctors’ top priority [95.2%]; and were satisfied with the quality of care they gave to patients / service users [93.8%].

    In addition, 75 per cent of staff said they would recommend Devon Doctors as an organisation for which to work and 50 per cent were satisfied with their level of pay.

    Staff also proffered a plethora of positive comments, such as this one: “Amazing people to work with and a brilliant service. If you speak to the patients who use us but are here on holiday then the true appreciation of the service is known. The residents of Devon don’t really know anything different so cannot compare.”

    With regard to the GP survey, 97.5 per cent thought the service Devon Doctors provided was either excellent or good and all 158 respondents felt it supported a culture of dignity, privacy and respect for its patients.

    At the same time, a number of GPs commented that the public’s expectations of what the service could and couldn’t deliver were becoming increasingly unrealistic and there was an urgent need to address this.

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